//   A Corrupt Laboratory with a Hidden Secret   //

You and your team work for a top secret agency tasked with exposing the truth behind corrupt corporations. Your latest assignment has taken you to QUALTAIRUS Laboratories, a big company with an aledged dirty secret. A billion dollar business that puts on a good mask to the community but hides the truth somewhere inside.

An inside informant, who works in maintenance for Qualtairus has tipped you off that he can get you proof that the company has been covering up the improper disposal of hazardous materials. The "chemicals" likes of which are not entirely known have been showing up in the local sewer system. The informant has said that the chemicals are disposed of from within the company in rooms inside the building. Only certain employees in "maintenance" have access to this area. He is too afraid to try to smuggle the evidence outside, he says you need to see it and gather the proof yourself. He has left you clues hidden in the maintenance room along with a hidden sample of the mysterious chemical.

Qualtairus Labs is highly secure and there is no way to enter except during the day posing as part of a large public tour group. The informant will also help by distracting the guards who watch the cameras for that maintenance room.

The tour guide Emily P. is one of your agents and will make sure to take the tour past the maintenance room so you can quietly slip into the maintenance room and discover the secrets the informant has left for you. You will have one hour until the tour will be wrapping up and will pass by that way again.

Can you and your team find the secret evidence the informant left and bring back proof of the dumping of the hazardous materials in Qualairus and escape before you get caught?

You will need to...

  • Retrieve the sample container of the chemical the informant hid.
  • Take photos of the disposal area where the chemcials are dumped.
  • Leave before the hour is up.